About Jodie

I have been teaching students to do their best on the SAT since the new format started in 2016. Prior to that, I was a Homebound Tutor for Delsea Regional High School. I taught all subjects to the students who were unable to attend school.

I have had great success with my students. I combine strategies and timing tips with lots of focused practice to give each student everything he/she needs to get the best possible score. Every student is different, so I plan my lessons according to our progress. Each student gets a customized experience.

I offer private tutoring as well as inexpensive classes. I want to make great SAT Prep available to anyone who is willing to attend.

I’m a mother to three grown children, and I live in Elk Township with my husband and a very large dog and two tiny cats. I’m a bit of an SAT nerd from way back: In my first few weeks of college at Drexel University, my Dean called me to her office. She wanted to meet me because My SAT score was so high.  : )